Scalable digital processor with innovative system qualities.

    BEWITHSTATE, a unique multiprocessor DAC system, offers innovative system qualities that challenge the common wisdom of conventional car audio components. The system consolidates multiple units from simple standalone processors to achieve a digital multisystem with a maximum of six channels in order to scale up to a super high-end processor with tuning capability at the world’s top level. Listeners can enjoy a sensible upgrade that is no longer a switch-out purchase but an additional purchase.

    • Digital Processor DA ConverterMirror Station AZ-2



    2010 Prize

    Multiprocessing DAC System


    End of sales

    Multiprocessing DAC System


    End of sales

    DSP/Pre Amplifier Equalizer Select 15 points from 31 points / Adjustable at -0.1dB steps (-12dB maximum)
    Left / Right Independent Cut offslope -18dB/oct. Level adjustment at -0.1dB steps (0 – -12dB)
    Cut off
    High Pass Select from 37 point
    Low Pass Select from 35 point
    Time Alignment Adjustable at 0.77cm(0.02ms) steps between 0.00cm (0.00ms) – 499.73cm (14.70ms)
    Frequency responce 20Hz – 20kHz (except 20kHz (-1.5dB) )
    Maximum output voltage / Inpedance 4.35Vrms / 200Ω
    Total harmonic distortion 0.005%(MM-1 or Optical)
    Input / Output Terminals Audio Input 2 digital (1 Mirror-Link (only MM-1), 1 optical)
    1 analog (RCA line 6ch multi-input support)
    Audio Output 3way 6ch RCA Line (TW, MW, SW)
    Video input 2 composite (1 Rear-view only)
    Video output 2 composite
    Multi-link connection Avalable 10 connect
    Signal to noise ratio 107dB
    Separation 100dB
    Maximum current consumption 1.3A (when connecting MM-1)
    Power source DC14.4V (11.0V- 16.0V allowable)
    Dark current Under 2mA
    Fuse 10A
    Size 240 x 201.7 (187) x 43mm
    Weight 1.6kg
    Accessory Remote Control / Remote Eye


    Supports a six-channel digital multisystem in a single unit.

    BEWITHSTATE compresses a three-way digital crossover network, a selectable digital equalizer for 31-point/ 0.1dB step resolution capability and a high precision sound tuning function encompassing time alignment of 0.77cm (0.02ms) resolution capability into a compact body 240mm in width, 187mm in depth (excluding terminals) and 43mm in height. Sound correction* is closely applied in response to the acoustic properties in the vehicle cabin so that a high sound quality a three-way/six-channel digital multisystem can be constructed in one unit.**

    * Installation and tuning of this equipment is handled by exclusive sales outlets for Bewith products (SIEG® equipment vendors). Sound tuning requires special equipment for measuring in-vehicle acoustics (SIEG®) and special software and cannot be done by the customer. Also, labor and other costs for installation and tuning are not included in the indicated product price.
    ** One unit indicates the number of processor units. A power amplifier for activating the speaker is additionally required.

    Includes six op amp specially designed for Bewith-original acoustics.

    Operational amplifier (BS02) specially designed for Bewith-original acoustics, developed jointly with New Japan Radio, are installed with one board per analog output channel, for a total of six boards. In addition to low distortion, high throughput and wide bandwidth properties that conventional operational amplifiers are unable to achieve, these op amps use 99.99%-pure oxygen-free copper materials to finely polish the sound quality through sound quality tuning and screening that advances into the realm of the senses.

    Scalable to a super high-end processor.

    Multiple units with BEWITHSTATE can be consolidated by a master/slave function using our Mirror Link® proprietary inter-device communication format (discussed below) to scale up to a single super high-end processor by organically merging and coupling the units’ processing capability. With BEWITHSTATE, processor functions and internal configurations can be freely expanded or customized according to the purpose that matches the processing capability obtained through consolidation of up to 10 units. For example, the number of channels can be increased or frequencies for the digital equalizer tuning points can be divided more finely.

    * Installation and tuning of this equipment is handled by exclusive sales outlets for Bewith products (SIEG® equipment vendors). Special software is needed to enable the master/slave function.

    Mirror Link, Bewith's proprietary inter-device communication format.

    Mirror Link®* is Bewith‘s proprietary inter-device communication format using the latest LDVS technology for high quality, high speed transmission of digital audio signals and control signals while suppressing external noise and unnecessary radiation. BEWITHSTATE can use Mirror Link® to acquire three features: 1) an MM direct connection function that allows you to enjoy high quality reproduction and pleasant operation by direct connection to the MM-1 Mirror Media, 2) a master/slave function that allows the consolidation of multiple units to scale up to a super high-end processor, and 3) reliability improvements that protect against reciprocal interference with the vehicle’s electronic equipment. In addition to high sound quality and scalability, it also ensures the high reliability demanded of car-installed equipment.

    * Mirror Link is a registered trademark of Bewith Enterprise, Ltd.

    Realizing a direct digital connection with MM-1.

    The MM direct function using Mirror Link® can be used for a direct digital connection between the MM-1 Mirror Media and BEWITHSTATE. Mirror Link® provides maximum protection against sound quality degradation and uses an ideally balanced analog transmission method to draw out the maximum potential of the MM-1’s built-in memory audio player.

    Numerous A/V terminals for analog 6-channel I/O.

    The MM-1 Mirror Media is equipped with a set of I/O terminals suitable for connection to digital I/O terminals on two systems of connectable digital audio products from other companies, including six assignable analog audio I/O terminals. In addition to connections to high sound quality digital sources, connections can also be made to analog 5.1-channel audio output, including factory installed audio systems, DVD car theater and AV navigation systems. The system provides OSD-compatible (on-screen display) video circuitry that can re-output to an external display, used for example to combine text data from the device with input video signals from external sources, and also provides a dedicated rear camera terminal for automatic selection (through coupling with the reverse gear) of rear camera video when the vehicle moves in reverse.


    Equipped with 6 BS02 op-amps specially designed for acoustics

    Mirror Link  cable

    Mirror Media  MM-1

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