P-100 Tricolore

    Specially designed set of three power amplifiers, in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Focal Audio Japan

    The P-100 Tricolore is a special product for the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Focal Audio Japan Co., Ltd., and is based on the P-100—a compact, high-performance mono power amplifier that realizes the system of “one channel, one amp” and “one amp, one speaker.” It is named after the three colors of the French flag (tricolor), which means "freedom, equality, fraternity,” with blue (royal blue clear gloss), white (égalité white), and red (sunrise red clear gloss) versions—making up a set of 3 units. It allows for creating a three-way multi-system for independently driving all speakers, including a passive two-way subwoofer, in a single set.

    • Monaural Power Amplifier P-100 Tricolore

    Monaural Power Amplifier P-100 Tricolore

    75W Monaural Power Amplifier

    P-100 Tricolore

    Production run limited to 50 units

    Power Source 14.4V DC (11.0 – 15.0V allowable)
    Continuous Power Output 75W×1ch(14.4V、4Ω、20Hz-20kHz、0.03%THD)
    Frequency Response 10 – 40,000Hz(-1dB)
    Signal to Noise Ratio 98dB
    Load Impedance
    Damping Factor 450 (4Ω:100Hz)
    Input Level 0.2 – 6.0V
    Fuse 10A x 1
    Size W187 x D80 x H43 mm
    Weight 497g


    1.Manufactured in a set of three, each with separate colors—blue, white and red—in honor of the three colors (tricolore) of the French flag.

    2.All-magnesium body with the unique acoustic-only magnesium alloy, Magneola.

    3.Features the BSZ1, an original acoustic-only op amp jointly developed with New Japan Radio Co., Ltd., installed to the driver stage.

    4.Discrete amplifier circuit with rated output of 75W (20Hz-20kHz, 0.03% THD).

    5.Custom-made power transformer with low core loss magnetic core and high-purity oxygen-free copper windings.

    6.Lightweight, compact design with a body width of 187 mm (excluding terminals) and a weight of 497 g.

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