Policy on Copyright Protection

Content on the Bewith website (all works including documents, graphics, illustrations and artwork, videos, music, and software; hereinafter "Content") is protected by copyrights held by Bewith and its affiliated companies (hereinafter "Bewith") or by third parties.

Content may be downloaded, reproduced or used solely for the intent of personal usage. However, if a copyright notice is included in any Content, the Content may not be reproduced or used separately from the copyright notice.

Except for the case of personal use stated in the previous provision or where stipulated by copyright law, the Content (including content in the form of translation, revision, public transmission, and content made transmittable) may not be used without consent of the copyright holder, regardless of intent.

Content may be changed or removed without prior notice. Furthermore, Content is not guaranteed by Bewith under any circumstances.

Bewith, in order to avoid in advance disputes with customers regarding copyrights and related matters, declines items offered from customers including specific ideas, plans, designs, registered designs, naming, and wording (except for opinions, requests and similar matters) including those intended for Bewith, Bewith products and the Bewith website. All such matters in question that are sent by customers will be immediately destroyed or disposed of by Bewith without examination of their content and any information, materials, goods, or similar items which were sent shall not be returned, and Bewith shall bear no confidentiality obligation regarding the content of the offered items. Furthermore, Bewith shall not bear any responsibility if the items which were sent or similar matters in question are fulfilled or disclosed in the future.