Policy on Personal Information Protection

Whenever Bewith Enterprise Ltd. ("Bewith") collects personal information including name, address, phone number and e-mail address, it complies with the laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information and follows the policy on personal information protection described below.

Personal information of customers is defined as "information entrusted to Bewith by the customer solely for the designated purpose of use based solely on a relationship of trust between the customer and Bewith." Bewith endeavors to ensure that the personal information of customers is strictly controlled and properly handled so that improper access, loss, disclosure, theft or alteration of this information do not occur.

Personal information of customers is used solely for the purpose stated in advance when the information is collected. However, such information may be used for the purpose of user registration, information and reminders related to products and services, and improvements to other products and services.

Personal information of customers shall not be provided or disclosed to third parties (except for parties stated in advance or parties to whom Bewith has entrusted work by contract) except when pursuant to law. Furthermore, Bewith will exercise appropriate control and supervision of the "parties stated in advance or parties to whom Bewith has entrusted work by contract," pursuant to Bewith’s policy on personal information protection.

With respect to any request or opinion from a customer pertaining to disclosure, revision, deletion or suspension of use concerning personal information, Bewith will handle the request appropriately pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations. If you have a request or opinion regarding personal information, please contact Bewith.