Multiprocessing DAC system STATE A6R series

The pinnacle of a BEWITH digital processor with outstanding pure sound quality, adjustability, and scalability, is the ability to combine up to 10 units to achieve the ultimate sound system.

The STATE A6R multi-processing DAC system can build a high-sound quality digital multi-system of up to 3-way and 6-channel with a single unit. Furthermore, this advanced digital processor that allows the connection of up to 10 units (including the master unit) using the “ML Link” master/slave function, a proprietary inter-device communication format.

マルチプロセシングDACシステム STATE A6R kishi model

Multiprocessing DAC Systems STATE A6R KISHI Model.

The STATE A6R KISHI Model, the latest generation of the STATE A6R series, is a specially tuned system of multi-processing DACs based on the renowned basic design of the STATE A6R but has undergone fine tuning including a complete change to the analog circuit related to sound quality. By using a special version of the tuning software exclusively written for this unit, it is possible to adjustment points of the equalizer center frequency and crossover frequency from 35 points of the normal model to 254 points, respectively.
Consequently, this allows for a higher level of adjustment ability that maximizes the qualities of this unit compared to the normal State series.
The exterior is also specially designed with a brass commemorative plate and gold-colored lettering on the clear gloss paint finish of the Sunrise Red.
Hiroshi Kishikawa was the Technical Executive of our company; he was responsible for sound supervision of all BEWITH products for many years and was involved in the development of the successive of the STATE series.
The sound characteristics of the unreleased prototype machine is exactly what he had envisioned for higher resolution and clarity has now been finally unveiled and completely reproduced.
This unit is exactly one that should be called the "Ultimate STATE".

The following 3 models are available.
"STATE A6R KISHI Model", a single unit with a 3-way / 6-channel stereo configuration that can be linked with up to 10 units.
"STATE A6R KISHI Model DUAL" (1 set of 2 units) dedicated to 3-way / 3-channel monaural configuration for building a dual monaural system that is completely independent on the left and right.
"STATE A6R KISHI Model MONO" (1 set of 6 units) is a 1-way / 1-channel monaural configuration dedicated machine that enables an all-discrete system that is completely independent of all channels.


Ability to link up to 10 units
3-way, 6-channel stereo model

In addition to being able to build a sound quality digital multi-system of up to 3-way and 6-channel with a single unit, up to 10 units (including the master unit) can be linked* using the master / slave function of BEWITH's unique inter-device communication format "ML Link". This is a standard model. Based on the use of a single unit, a second unit can be purchased to build a dual monaural system using one unit for each of the left and right channels, or to develop into a multi-way / multi-channel system that exceeds 3-way and 6-channel. *An ML Link cable (sold separately) for the number of additional units is required for linked use of multiple units.


Dual monaural configuration of two units in one set achieve complete left-right separation.(No Cross Talk}
3-way, 3-channel monaural model

3-way, 3-channel monaural model equipped with the "LR Extension Firmware", a dedicated dual monaural firmware for independent left/right and use in pairs*. In addition to achieving complete channel separation with no mutual interference between the left and right channels, you can take advantage of the doubled signal processing capacity to further expand the selectable frequency points of the equalizer / crossover by using a processor that originally has the capacity of 3-way / 6-channel in 3-channel, and it is also equipped with multiple filters for unique gambrel (polygonal) slope, which further enhances its adjustability. *A single ML Link cable (sold separately) is required to connect two processors.


Ultimate digital processing enabled by a Monoblock x 6 units configurations
1-way, 1-channel monaural model

1-way 1-channel monaural model that all channels are independent equipped with "MONO-SIX Extension Firmware" a dedicated Monoblock firmware, which is designed to be used in a set of 6 units* with one processor per 1 bandwidth and 1 channel. In addition to achieving ultimate digital processing by complete elimination of mutual interference between left and right and between bandwidths, it can take advantage of three times signal processing capacity by using a processor with the capacity of 6-channels in 3-ways exclusively for each channel in 1-way. Taking advantage of this, resulting in adjustability that car audio has never experienced, such as multiple filters with up to 6 layers (compatible with gambler slopes). *5 ML Link cables (sold separately) are required to connect 6 processors.



  • STATE A6R series
  •     STATE A6R
    kishi model
    kishi model DUAL
    kishi model MONO
    Center frequency selection type
    Number of bands (per channel) 15 30 90
    Number of selectable frequency points 35 120 180
    Crossover (HPF)
    High-precision 18 dB/octave filter
    Gambrel (multiple overlapping steps) slope -
    Number of filters (per slope) 1 maximum 2 maximum 6
    Selectable slopes (dB/octave) 18 18/36 18/36/54/72/90/108
    Number of selectable frequency points 35 120 180
    High-precision 18 dB/octave filter
    Gambrel (multiple overlapping steps) slope -
    Number of filters (per slope) 1 maximum 2 maximum 6
    Selectable slopes (dB/octave) 18 18/36 18/36/54/72/90/108
    Number of selectable frequency points 35 120 180
    Units included 1 connect 2 connect 6 connect
    Left-right separation >94dB measurable measurable
    Band separation >94dB >94dB >94dB
    Input/output spec stereo input/
    3-way, 6-ch output,
    monaural input/
    3-way, 3-ch output,
    monaural input/
    1-way, 1-ch output,