Designed exclusively for MINI F50/60 series.
An OEM replacement type premium speaker kit.
Allows you to enjoy a higher grade of sound while respecting your unique interior.

BE-FIT AM for MINI fits perfectly in the front factory speaker locations of MINI (F50 / F60 series). This is an OEM replacement type premium speaker kit that allows you to enjoy high-purity sound of our "Reference AM", a new generation of component vehicle speakers from BEWITH, as if it were a factory option. All the necessary components for installation are included (a high-precision aluminum die-cast baffle board exclusively designed for the MINI and vibration-damping materials). You can easily attain a notable sound upgrade just by replacing the front speakers.

2-Way Front Set LF-MN56a

Unit configuration:
2 x 2.5cm Dome Tweeter, 2 x 8.8cm Midrange
(Dedicated Network/ Dedicated Baffle Board and installation materials included)

BEWITH’s unique AM (aluminum-magnesium) diaphragm and powerful magnetic circuit produce a clean and rich sound in this two-way front set. It fits perfectly inside the factory grille and achieves high sound quality without changing the interior atmosphere. Please use in combination with factory rear speakers.

Supported Models Type
MINI 3-door F56
MINI 5-door F55
MINI Clubman F54
MINI Crossover F60
MINI Convertible F57
Note: Exclusive for the front of each of the vehicles listed above. It cannot be installed in vehicles equipped with the factory premium sound system. Rear speakers are not available, so please use the factory speakers as they are.



Upgrade the sound quality by simply replacing the factory speakers.

Upgrade the sound quality by simply replacing the factory speakers.

Installation is simply a matter of replacing the front speakers in the door and tweeters behind the left and right door mirrors with this product. Rear speakers are not replaced. You can feel a reliable sound upgrade by easily replacing the front speakers. Note: The tweeter may require some modifications depending on the installation method. Note: The image shown is a transparent to show you how the speaker is installed behind the grille, and it is different from the actual one.



It does not spoil the value of your vehicle without changing the atmosphere of the interior.

The 8.8cm midrange is mounted inside the factory front speaker grille in the door, and the 2.5cm tweeter can be selected from the following three types to reflect customer requirements in terms of appearance finish and sound quality.

(1) "Inner Mount* " to be installed inside the factory (optional) tweeter grille at the base of the A-pillar.
(2) "Surface Mount" tweeters are installed on the corners of dashboard with the provided gear.
(3) "Flush Mount** " tweeters are installed by making a round hole in the base of the A-pillar.
(The mounting example in the image is the "Surface Mount".) *A factory MINI tweeter cover (for the OEM product "HARMAN/KARDON HiFi Loudspeaker system") is required for "Inner mount" on vehicles without a factory tweeter grill. **It is necessary to make holes in the A-pillar lining. Suitable for vehicles without a factory tweeter grill.

Product Precautions

- The product includes a set of materials necessary for installation, such as a dedicated cable, acoustic sealer (vibration-proof material), and dedicated screws.

-Some wiring modification is required to install this product. Please ask your dealer for installation work.