Increase the STATE MM-1D's range with this MM Series dedicated interface unit.

    Giving the STATE MM-1D rearview mirror linear PCM player additional functions like RCA analog/optical digital audio outputs and two video input lines, the IF-10MM/6 is the MM series' dedicated interface unit that helps you get the most out of your current external devices. Experience the sound of the STATE MM-1D simply by connecting to the analog audio output terminals on audio decks and AV navigation systems, display video signals from vehicle-mounted cameras on the STATE MM-1D's built-in display, and by connecting it to a digital processor you can use the STATE MM-1D as a high quality digital audio player. It's even possible to use it in combination with the body casing of the former Mirror Media MM-1 unit.

    • IF-10MM/6

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    IF-10MM/6 [ Interface Unit ]

    Interface Unit


    Note: The cable (ML link cable) to connect this device and the STATE MM-1D is not included. Separate purchase is required.

    Model name Interface Unit IF-10MM
    Audio terminals 1 RCA analog (stereo) output, 1 optical digital output
    Video terminals 2 RCA composite inputs (including one for back camera use)
    MM series dedicated connection terminal ML connector (21 pin)
    Compatible MM series units STATE MM-1D, Mirror Media MM-1 (in substitution for included smart interface)
    Body dimensions W100mm x D100mm x H38mm
    Weight 690g (Including cable)


    Play back STATE MM-1D audio simply on the system you already have

    Comes equipped with one line each for RCA analog audio output and one optical digital output. By connecting to the audio input terminals on your audio deck or AV navigation system you can easily play back STATE MM-1D audio, and in combination our AZ-1/AZ-2 or other digital processors equipped with optical digital audio input terminals you can also use the STATE MM-1D as a high quality digital audio player.

    Even better sound quality through purification of the audio signal path, high rigidity and other improvements

    Simple functions and high-density mounting enable purification of the signal path, miniaturization of the main board and strengthening of its mounting rigidity to reduce the effects of vibrations while the vehicle is operating. A newly designed digital interface and the use of a high capacity power supply unit mean that in comparison with the standard smart interface (the former Mirror Media MM-1) sound quality has been improved even further for both analog audio and optical digital audio. Furthermore, with a compact body just half the size of a standard smart interface it is extremely easy to install in your vehicle.

    View external video signals on the STATE MM-1D's built-in display

    The STATE MM-1D is equipped with two RCA composite video input terminals to let you view external video signals from commercially available rearview cameras and front view cameras, car DVD players and other devices. The two video inputs can be switched by external trigger input (reverse gear or corresponding linked external switch). For example, if the front view camera and rearview camera are connected at the same time, it is possible for video from the front view camera to switch automatically to the rearview camera image when the vehicle is put into reverse.


    3.5-inch built-in digital display

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