Unleashing all sounds exactly as they are, the absolute reference point for Bewith sound.

    Bewith sound creation starts with the sound of one speaker system as a reference. Monitor H-1 is the absolute reference point for Bewith sound, mounting the Confidence II (select product), an all-PPC eccentric cone two-way speaker, in an all aluminum diecast enclosure designed for no resonance, no reverberation and no diffraction. The accurate, unparalleled reproduction and quietness unleashes all sounds exactly as they are to show the way to tomorrow´s car audio.

    • Monitor Speaker Monitor H-1
    • Monitor Speaker H-1 Bianco Fuji


    Monitor Speaker Monitor H-1

    Monitor Speaker

    Monitor H-1

    Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V/1.0m/1kHz)
    Crossover Frequency 800Hz (-18dB/oct)
    Frequency Response 40Hz – 28kHz (EIAJ)
    Peak power handling 150W
    Size W187 x D320 x H417 mm
    Weight 15.75kg

    Monitor Speaker H-1 Bianco Fuji

    Monitor Speaker / Compatible Multi-system

    H-1 Bianco Fuji

    Sensitivity 90dB (2.83V / 1.0m / 1kHz)
    Crossover -
    Frequency Response 40Hz – 28kHz (EIAJ)
    Peak power handling 150W
    Sizee W187 × D320 × H417 mm
    Weight 15.75kg


    A stationary monitor speaker that serves well as a sound reference.

    The Monitor H-1 is a stationary monitor speaker with a 13cm, two-way structure that assumes the role as the absolute reference point for Bewith-brand sound in every stage of our sound creation from product development to installation. The equipped unit is Confidence II, a select product at the pinnacle of all-PPC, eccentric cone, two-way speakers and the pride of Bewith. Combining an ultra-high-density all-aluminum diecast enclosure configured for the purpose of no resonance, no reverberation and no diffraction, the product succeeds to perfection by drawing out the potential of the PPC unit. The Monitor H-1 is enjoying great success in Bewith’s product R&D division and at exclusive sales outlets as a reference speaker for sound creation. We are accepting orders for delivery as made-to-order products from all audio enthusiasts who are not satisfied with their existing home audio speakers.

    Ultra-high-density all-aluminum diecast enclosure.

    The Monitor H-1 ultra-high-density all-aluminum diecast enclosure has realized its goals in the uncompromising pursuit of no resonance, no reverberation and no diffraction, and draws out 100% of the unit’s character by completely removing all sound coloring. A front-and-rear, two-piece structure is formed into a robust, monocoque body with a special coating and uses internal damping to suppress unnecessary resonance and support accurate piston motion and quietness. Doing away with all internal and external flat surfaces, the creative design has filed down the unit’s surface perimeter to the extreme limit to eliminate reverberation and diffraction. Inside the enclosure, standing waves are not generated. The sound source position at the listening point is set for a compact fit by adjacent placement of the tweeter and woofer to incline the enclosure body at 7 degrees.

    Speaker unit collection equipped with the Confidence II select product.

    The installed unit is a select product that checks properties and does pair-matching, functions exclusive to this device, together with the C-50II tweeter and C-130II woofer. And in a network, top-grade parts that can surpass Confidence II can be employed through pair matching. This is the strongest combination that gathers together the total ability of Bewith. The rear side of the area where the tweeter is attached is completely sealed in a monoblock cast housing that prevents interference between units.

    Traditional black and vermilion lacquer surface finish.

    Two types of traditional lacquer finishing, black and vermilion, are provided for the Monitor H-1 surface finish. Coupled with a painstaking manual finishing process for the experienced listener, a depth and a warm luster that do not feel like a metal cabinet is achieved. While the lacquer has a robust coating film and high adhesiveness, customers can enjoy a change in natural texture over the years.

    Also comes with the H-1 Bianco Fuji, a Monitor H-1 sister model, which has the Bianco Fuji finishing (pearl white resin coating) common to Bewith’s highest grade car audio series.

    Monitor H-1

    Aluminum diecast enclosure

    Tweeter enclosure

    Confidence II

    Real lacquer coating

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