STATE A6R series

    A high-level processor that lets you combine units to buildthe ultimate system.

    The STATE A6R series is a group of highly evolved digital processors that take the STATE A6 as a base and add extended firmware, letting you build the ideal system by combining multiple units. The series’ lineup includes three models, the STATE A6R, a 3-way, 6-channel stereo model capable of linking up to 10 units; the STATE A6R DUAL, a 3-way, 3-channel monaural configuration-dedicated model for building dual monaural systems with full left and right independence; and the STATE A6R MONO, a 1-way, 1-channel monaural configuration-dedicated model for achieving the ultimate system with full independence across all channels. Each model has undergone special audio tuning according to the A6R series-unique components of its analog audio circuit with the goal of even higher resolution and clarity.

    • STATE A6R series

    FEATURE 製品特徴や技術など詳しい情報はこちらから

    STATE A6R series [ Multiprocessing DAC System ]

    Multiprocessing DAC System

    STATE A6R series


    Equalizer Center frequency selection type
    Number of bands (per channel) 15 30 90
    Number of selectable frequency points 35 120 180
    Crossover (HPF) High-precision 18 dB/octave filter
    Gambrel (multiple overlapping steps) slope -
    Number of filters (per slope) 1 maximum 2 maximum 6
    Selectable slopes (dB/octave) 18 18/36 18/36/54/72/90/108
    Number of selectable frequency points 35 120 180
    Crossover(LPF) High-precision 18 dB/octave filter
    Gambrel (multiple overlapping steps) slope -
    Number of filters (per slope) 1 maximum 2 maximum 6
    Selectable slopes (dB/octave) 18 18/36 18/36/54/72/90/108
    Number of selectable frequency points 35 120 180
    System Units included 1 connect 2 connect 6 connect
    Left-right separation >94dB measurable measurable
    Band separation >94dB >94dB >94dB
    Input/output spec stereo input/
    3-way, 6-ch output,
    monaural input/
    3-way, 3-ch output,
    monaural input/
    1-way, 1-ch output,

    Ask your dealer to perform needed sound adjustments. You cannot adjust the sound yourself.

    FEATURE 製品特徴

    3-way, 6-channel stereo STATE A6R allows use of a single unit or up to 10 units in combination

    The STATE A6R allows you to configure a single-unit high-sound-quality system with up to 3-way, 6-channels. Or by using Bewith’s proprietary communications format ML Link and Master/Slave feature you can combine up to 10 units (including the master)*. This way, you can buy a second A6R unit and graduate from 3-way, 6-channel system to a multi-way, multi-channel system, or you can use one unit for each channel to a high-performance dual monaural system.
    * For multi-unit systems you will need the ML Link cable (sold separately).

    3-way, 3-channel monaural STATE A6R DUAL specialized for combining two units in a dual monaural system

    The STATE A6R DUAL is a 3-way, 3-channel unit that uses dual monaural LR extension firmware for a system with independent left and right with two combined units*. It realizes complete separation between left and right channels with no mutual interference, and by using what would normally be a 3-way, 6-channel unit as 3-way, 3-channels the unit achieves twice the signal processing power, increasing the number of selectable frequency points in the crossover from 35 (STATE A6R) to 120, and those in the equalizer from 15 (STATE A6R) to 30, while also incorporating multiple filters with gambrel (multiple overlapping steps) slope-a big improvement in sound adjustment capabilities.
    * For two-unit systems you will need the ML Link cable (sold separately).

    1-way, 1-channel monaural STATE A6R MONO system specialized for combining six units in a monoblock

    The STATE A6R MONO is a 1-band, 1-channel processor unit, with MONO SIX extension firmware designed with the assumption that six 1-way, 1-channel units* will be combined in a system with completely independent channels. With this extreme of digital processing, mutual interference between left and right channels and between bands has been completely eliminated, and since a unit that would ordinarily handle 3-way, 6-channel processing has been repurposed for 1-way, 1-channel, the signal processing power has been immensely increased, so you get up to 6-step multiple filters with gambrel slope, 90 bands of equalization, and 180 selectable frequency points in the equalizer and crossover, giving you incredible sound adjustment power never experienced in car audio before.
    * For 6-unit systems you will need the 5 ML Link cables (sold separately).

    High-sound-quality design using six Bewith original BS04 op amps

    Using Bewith original op amps developed jointly with New Japan Radio, one per channel, pure sound was achieved, and by using special parts such as a macromolecular capacitor in an analog audio circuit with special timbre tuning, the basic quality has been increased. Also memory has been increased and the firmware improved to improve expandability and ease of use.

    The STATE A6R DUAL 2-unit multiple filter for multi-dimensional sound creation

    The STATE A6R DUAL has a stackable multi-filter that allows you to combine the -18dB/octave filters of two STATE A6R units together to handle one channel when necessary, making it possible to create a variety of filter properties. It is expected to be used mainly in one of the following two patterns, allowing the pursuit of sound creation impossible with ordinary filters. (Patterns 1 and 2 may not be used together.)


    Pattern 1: Two-step gambrel (polygonal) slope
    By combining the digital filters of two units you can select an arbitrary frequency to cut over from -18dB/octave to -36dB/octave, or vice versa using the gambrel (polygonal) slope filter, a world’s first. This allows more varied music creation.


    Pattern 2: Selectable filter slope
    By aligning the corner frequencies of the two units, you can select either -18dB/octave or -36dB/octave slope.

    The unbelievable 6-unit type STATE A6R MONO multiple filter

    With the STATE A6R MONO, you can combine the -18dB/octave filters of six units to handle a single channel, allowing you to create a huge variety of filter properties. It is expected to be used mainly in one of the following two patterns:


    Pattern 1: Up to six-step gambrel (polygonal) slope
    By connecting up to six units at different corner frequencies, you can set up to six arbitrary frequencies at which the slope changes in -18dB/octave steps. You can pursue bold new sound creation possibilities never before possible.


    Pattern 2: Slope selection
    By connecting up to six units at the same frequency, you can set the filter slope to a choice of -18/36/54/72/90/108dB/octave in six steps. You can also divide the units between pattern 1 and pattern 2 for combination effects.

    Audio-use magnesium alloy MAGNEOLA body

    The STATE A6R series cabinets employ an audio-use magnesium alloy MAGNEOLA body. The cabinet top is made from extruded magnesium, a process first made practical by Bewith. MAGNEOLA has excellent durability and ideal damping, while the concave cabinet top disperses resonances, succeeding in improving audible S/N to a new level. The finish is a new Sunrise Red clear gloss.

    MM Direct connection feature makes an ideal partnership with the MM-1D

    The MM Direct connection feature of the proprietary Bewith ML Link equipment communications format allows direct connection to the previously released STATE MM-1D mirror-type linear PCM player with a single ML Link cable (sold separately). This transmits the signal from the STATE MM-1D with balanced digital transmission for minimal degradation and high-quality playback. In addition, a video signal input to the STATE A6R series unit can be displayed on the STATE MM-1D’s built-in display, or remote control signals can be sent from the STATE MM-1D to the STATE A6R series unit, and various other interoperation is made possible.

    MM-1D R

    A rich assortment of input/output terminals including optical digital signal input, three analog inputs, and three analog outputs (per channel)

    A rich assortment of input/output terminals including optical digital input for connecting equipment from other manufacturers, and three analog inputs, three analog outputs (per channel) assignable to two to six (5.1) channels are provided. 5.1-channel analog signals from DVD players or AV navigation systems can be directly connected*, and by using together with the Presence L200 (Bewith Enterprise) or other high-low convertors, standard car audio speaker outputs can be connected without down mixing.
    * STATE A6R only. STATE A6R DUAL and STATE A6R MONO cannot handle 5.1 channels.

    2-input, 2-out OSD-capable video circuit is convenient for rearview cameras

    External video devices with RCA composite video outputs such as rearview cameras, car navigation systems, and TV tuners can be connected to the STATE A6R series unit, and lettering superimposed before sending the signal to the STATE MM-1D built-in display or a car-mountable TV, thanks to the STATE A6R series units’ OSD (on-screen display) capable two video inputs and two video outputs. One input and one out can be activated by reverse gear and can be connected to a rearview camera, while the other input and output can be used for connecting to a front-view or side-view camera, allowing you to conveniently switch between two on-board cameras by shifting into reverse.

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